Days 67-73

Day 67: If you could have one prop from the films, what would you take?
The sorting hat. :] Only because I’ll be using it for my talent performance at Miss Deaf America. Otherwise, I’d pick…Oh, there’s too many stuff to choose from. I think I’ll just stick with the sorting hat… haha

Day 68: Which set from the film do you most want to visit? (They’re opening the WB Studio Lot Tour in London by preserving few of the sets for us tourists to look and awe at.)
Most definitely the dungeons where the potions class is at, Slytherin’s common room, Dumbledore’s office, Quidditch field (hehe!), and um…the Great Hall. I’m just in awe with how the staff made the set come to life. 🙂

Day 69: Describe your theory of why you did not obtain a letter from Hogwarts at age 11.
One word: Muggle. -__- Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Day 70: Free

I loooooove this!

Serious props to that person. I wish I could hear this happen or else I’d totally do this lol

Day 71: What would your Ordinary Wizarding Level (OWLs) results look like? (if you went to Hogwarts, that is 🙂 )
OWLs are graded using the following system:

Passing Grades

  • O – Outstanding
  • E – Exceeds Expectations
  • A – Acceptable

Failing Grades

  • P – Poor
  • D – Dreadful
  • T – Troll

I’m an overachiever when I set my mind to something so most likely I’d be getting O or E. Maybe an A in Herbology. I don’t definitely have a green thumb so…That’s the only course I would be worrying over about.

Day 72: If you met JKR, what would you say to her?
I probably would tell her thank you for making me believe in magic a little more and for making the characters feel like they were truly my friends through and through.

Day 73: Which type of wizarding family would you marry into?
This is a very good question. To be honest, I don’t know… I don’t think I’d marry into a rich family like the Malfoys only because of materialism but to have a lot of connections is a very good thing. So I wouldn’t mind marrying into that family. However, family is forever so Weasley’s family would be an awesome family to marry into. Both of these families are purebloods and I’m a, uhm…mudblood. Not a half-blood or a pureblood, whatsoever.

Until next week!


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