Day 50-52

Like I mentioned before, the fact that I’m doing this blog from my phone still is true til Saturday I guess. Whew. Anyway, the blog days are:
Day 50: Free

Day 51: favorite wizarding treat (honeydukes stuff, butterbeer, pumpkin juice etc)

Day 52 (tues): Preferred magical transportation (portkey, floo, apparation, broom etc)

For Day 50 – I found a neat picture that goes with the deadly sins each house has.


Day 51: I haven’t had any wizarding treats before until yesterday I had a homemade butterbeer made by Jo and Ashley. It was good! Yum.


Day 52: favorite magical transportation.
It is still apparation but I’d like flying if I could handle the cold wind for so long. Floo doesn’t sound so bad unless you cough up dust when you arrive at your destination. Not a great idea for me since I’m severely allergic to dust… :/ Yup.

Now I must close as I go out and celebrate my birthday! 25th in DC! [wish it was in London tho lol] Anyway, I bid you farewell until next time!



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