Day 43: Gringotts – What Items Of Value Would You Place In Your Vault?

It does not necessarily mean money or valuable items but items that you hold dear. As I take a quick look around my room, I can only pinpoint two items out of many items that I own that are irreplaceable.

The first irreplaceable item I own is my art that I’ve created. There is no duplicating it at all. I’m quite proud of the art I have made and if it were to be destroyed, I don’t know how I’d react.

Secondly, my locket that is encased with my great-grandfather’s ashes. He passed on approximately ten and half years ago, two weeks after the World Trade Towers were hit. It’s safely tucked away in my jewelry box. Although I do wish I can put a spell on it to ensure it’s protected at all times or indestructable. Haha!

If you truly knew me, I would have said Books as my third item but, they are replaceable. I can head out to any bookstore and retrieve a new one if needed be. I know I have a lot of books, close or over fifty already… So it wouldn’t bother me if they were to be destroyed. Okay, it’d hurt me for a bit but I’ll get over it eventually. :]


2 thoughts on “Day 43: Gringotts – What Items Of Value Would You Place In Your Vault?

  1. Fifty?… *glances over to bookshelf:* I do have 50 on my desk alone… and that does not include the shelves in my closet or the playroom or my sister’s rooms… perhaps I have an issue with the number of books I own? : )

    • michelsea says:

      Haha! Well, I would purchase more but alas, I have not gotten the time to look through the books I’d like to own. That and money of course lol need to get started on that 😉

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