Day 42: Which Shop At Diagon Alley Or Hogsmeade Would You Splurge The Most On?

Oh goodness. You’re asking a shopaholic? Ok, Let me narrow the shops down…[chuckles]

At Diagon Alley, I would shop at the following places:
– Broomstix
– Eeylops Owl Emporium
– Flourish and Bitts
– Obscurus Books
– Twilfitts and Tatting’s
– Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
– Whizz Hard Books

At Hogsmeade, I would shop at the following places:
– Dominic Maestro’s
– HONEYDUKES (Yes, I had to put that in caps…if you know me, I have a bit of a sweet tooth.)
– Tomes and Scrolls
– Zonko’s Joke Shop

I can’t really pick one shop that I would splurge the most on. Hmm…this may take a while to actually determine that. Heh.

Description of Shops at Diagon Alley:
Broomstix: A shop that sells broomsticks. Eeylops Owl Emporium: A pet shop located in Diagon Alley that sells owls and things that will help owls, like Owl Treats. It sells a variety of breeds, including Screech, Barn, Tawny, Brown, and Snowy. Flourish and Blotts: A popular bookshop in Diagon Alley where most Hogwarts students purchase their schoolbooks. Obscurus Books: Located at 18a Diagon Alley, Obscurus is a Wizarding book publisher. Its range of titles include the popular Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemTwilfitt and Tatting’s: Twilfitt and Tatting’s is a wizarding clothing shop located in Diagon Alley. Given that it is favoured by elitist pure-blood witch Narcissa Malfoy, it is probably an upmarket shop. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes: Located at 93 Diagon Alley, it is a joke shop in owned by Fred and George Weasley. It sells practical joke objects, such as Extendable Ears, a Reusable Hangman, and Fred and George’s special WonderWitch products, such as love potions and ten-second pimple remover. There is also a section of Muggle magic tricks in honour of their father Arthur. They’re not big sellers, but they do fairly well. Whizz Hard Books: Located at 129B Diagon Alley. Whizz Hard Books is a Wizarding book publisher. Its range of titles include the popular Quidditch Through the Ages and Hairy Snout, Human Heart.

Description of Shops at Hogsmeade:
Dominic Maestro’s: a music shop. Honeydukes: a sweet shop that has the entrance to a secret passageway into Hogwarts in its cellar. Tomes and Scrolls: a bookshop (est. 1768). Zonko’s Joke Shop: a famous joke shop.

Now I am in the shopping mood…Great. At least I am all caught up for the next few days to post! :]


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