Day 38: What would your signature spell be?

Spells, spells, and more spells!!! Love love love them! A signature spell? Hmm… I have went through a list of spells that I think I’d be using the most. However, there are five spells that I cannot decide from:

Mobiliarbus – which levitates and moves an object.

Muffliato – this spell fills peoples’ ears with an unidentifiable buzzing to keep them from hearing nearby conversations.

Scourgify – Used to clean something.

Serpensortia – conjures a serpent from the spell-caster’s wand.

Stupefy – Stuns victim. If used too forcefully, it will put the victim in an unconscious state.

Mobiliarbus, I probably would use this one when I’m moving HEAVY objects around a room or too focused on a project and needed to grab something that is out of my reach. :] Muffliato, depends on the situation I am presented with. Scourgify…is a very good spell. I am severely allergic to dust so pretty much it is a spell I might use the most. Serpensortia, I like snakes and not a lot of people are friendly with snakes. [chuckles] Stupefy, only will use that during a fight or when I’m severely bullied by a group of people alone.

So in conclusion, either Muffliato, Scourgify or Stupefy would be my signature spell. :]


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