Day 34: Who would be your rival at Hogwarts?

Another day gone that I’ve been busy, not having a chance to post my blog entries. I have been out of my hometown for the weekend and I decided to capture the very little available time frame I have today to triple my posts. Day 34-36. :]

As we have discussed my human friends and enemies (frenemies), this one will be about my physical rivals like, “that stair has it out for me!” that kind of problem. I think my biggest issue would be the moving stairs trying to get to our houses. Now….I am a Slytherin, this should not be an issue since I reside in the dungeons with the other Slytherins. Peeves shouldn’t be a problem for me to deal with since he truly fears the Bloody Baron which also is our house ghost. ;] Let’s see…how about the fact that I can’t really roam the entire school grounds without getting into trouble? Yeah, that would be a problem for me. I wouldn’t mind going into the Forbidden forest. Yes, I’m that crazy. [chuckles] Homework…oh yes, that is going to be a close second. Loads and loads of difficult homework. Bleh…



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