Day 33: Life lessons we learned from Harry Potter

This will be all photos and it will explain a lot. :] Yes, there may be a few repeats but it applies to this day as well.

Harry Potter - Gryffindor, Luna Lovegood- Ravenclaw, Draco Malfoy- Slytherin (yeah!) and Cedric Diggory- Hufflepuff

Burn, Twilight. Burn.

Wise words

Pure Light and Pure Dark

This picture above ^^^ reminds me of a fan fiction story between Draco and Hermione, No! you say but it’s a good story, anyway. Draco’s Pure Dark while Hermione is Pure Light. It’s a cutesy story with a couple of unexpected scenes in there ha :]

The Best Life Lessons Ever From A Book!

Until tomorrow! xx



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