Day 32: If you had a penseive, what memories would you like to relive?

My apologies. I had a full day yesterday and had no time to post this so I am doubling up today. :]

Oh boy… there are so many memories I’d love to relive… This is going to be a long post probably?

Graduation – I honestly don’t remember my graduation day. haha! :] All I remember is walking up to the stage, sitting in my spot then giving my Class Valedictorian speech then back down and got my diploma at the end. After all that was done, I rushed off to see one of my closest friend’s graduation in a few hours. I graduated at 1 pm when Ashley graduated at 7 pm on the same day, May 25th, ’05. Almost seven years ago. Wow. Time sure flies.

Disneyland – I went there twice with my grandfather (twice), mother (twice), father (once) and my brother (twice). I would like to remember the childhood memories I had there and different kinds of rides at Disneyland I rode on. Although I do remember posing in front of Goofy and he kept covering my face with his huge hand while I was trying to shove his hand off my face haha

Sawtooth Camp for the Deaf – The four best summers of my life happened during that week in Stanley, Idaho. Next door to that beautiful nature all around us. I slept in the cabins all four years. I miss whitewater rafting so much that I want to go back and do it again. Campfire stories. Mountain biking. Horseback riding. Polar Bear swim…omg that water was ICE cold! Alturas Lake was where we did that swim. Then ending it off at Nat-Soo-Pah swimming pool/RV park in Hollister, Idaho.

Silent Weekend – That weekend was so much fun. I got to meet a few new people at that event. We made masks because it was Super Silent Weekend with Superheroes in mind. I was Super Mouse lol :] Did different games, told stories/jokes and did a couple of activities. I also met someone special during that weekend.

Super Silent Weekend - us in our superheroes masks. I'm the pink/black shirt on the left!

Of course the romantic moments I’ve had and I’m not posting that here! ;]

Christmas Ice skating party with family at Ice World in Boise before my great-grandfather passed on nine months later. It was my last Christmas with my great-grandfather and my sister before she moved to Montana with her family. My sister is adopted but she is my sister by blood. A long story for another time. :]

There’s so many memories I would pick to put on here but I’m good for tonight. haha


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