Day 29: What Job Would You Like To Have In The Wizarding World?

A Professor at Hogwarts or A Diagon Alley Shop Owner

This is the very same path that I’m venturing right now kinda. I am undecided between being a teacher or involved with business administration and I have approximately six months to declare my major. Teaching – I love to teach people and the wonderful feeling I get when someone understands what I am trying to teach! I have tremendous patience and it proves to be a challenge because I don’t know what their learning style is right away. :] However, they do not offer the teaching subject I would like to take at Uni in August so…I’m not sure what I’m going to do just yet. Never had a teaching job. Business Administration – The longest job I’ve had was both in business: Title & Escrow and Idaho State Tax Commission. Both of them I left because one was for school reasons and the other was a temp job. This kind of job repeats itself a lot everyday and I get bored with a routine quite quickly.

Ok – for Hogwarts, it would be interesting to see what students are capable of and I would love to teach magical subjects. Of course, I would have to deal with children being stupid at times. [chuckles] Business owner in Diagon Alley…oooh yeah, I love meeting new people and it’s fascinating to people-watch. Buy things what they need or want whilst I conjure thoughts up on why they would need/want it. It’s quite interesting, people that is.



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