Day 27: Would You Rather Own The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone, or The Invisibility Cloak?

The Tale of The Three Brothers

If you have not read this story in the Deathly Hallows chapter, the Seventh book of the Saga or in the short book of the Tales of Beedle Bard. Please do so! :] It is a very touching story and some of them are pretty fun to read.

If the Elder Wand was presented to me to have in my possession, I would gather my thoughts: Is it worth having the wand that is undefeatable but yet susceptible being ultimately led to my death? My answer would be, No thanks. Then would the Resurrection Stone appeal to me? Sure, there are a couple of people I would bring back from their death but it would drive me insane to the point where I am very tempted to join them in the other side. Again, no thanks. Finally the Invisibility Cloak? Being invisible any time I desire to be, sneaking off for some late night munchies, when I wish not to be bothered or being able to see how other people would react or discuss without my presence? Sure. Let me have it! :]

Here is a photo of the ‘three brothers’ who had it in their possession for a short or a long time.

Voldemort died for power, Snape died for lost love and Harry greeted Death like an old friend


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