Day 24: Any Particular Scene You Wished Was In One of The Films But Wasn’t?


The post I incorporated into Facebook was this: God. This is a difficult one…I’d have to go back and read them again but there is so many scenes I wish was incorporated into the movies but again it’d be 40 hours long if everything was included and the storyline would have made more sense. [shrugs]

Now my official post after reading the first two books… I realized that Draco didn’t meet Harry in the train for the first time but the second time! Harry met Draco alone for the first time when Draco was getting his robes fitted in Diagon Alley. Lucius and Narcissa, Draco’s parents, were off getting his wand and his books. As for Harry, Hagrid went off to get something and came back in front of the store holding two ice creams for himself and Harry. During that time, Malfoy had NO clue that was Potter in front of him until he heard the commotion about Harry Potter being in the train and finally met Harry for the second time with a handshake. Of course, Harry declined the shake. That was one part I wanted incorporated in the movie but I don’t think they did that, the meeting in the robe shop.

Like I said, I need to read some more to answer this efficiently. :] Unlike, Harper, who’ve read the books so much that the count is in the hundreds. [chuckles]



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