Day 22: Harry Potter or Twilight?

No way am I a basher but when it comes to the comparison of these two book sagas… Here comes the bashing! 🙂 I am a Potter fan all the way with a little liking of Twilight.

Yup yup yup

Honestly? [chuckles] I like both books but Harry Potter came first for me. When I was introduced to a vampire that sparkles in the sun? I thought to myself, “COME ON!! really?!” UGGGH and resumed reading…The books was not too bad. I liked it. However I came across a couple of pictures where the Potter fans were bashing the Twihards… I had to laugh because they all were hilarious. Such as these: [First photo – Ignore the grammar errors…but yeah, you get the drift]

Letter from Potter to Twilight

This one made me laugh out loud so hard… seriously. 😀

Facebook Conversation

 When I discovered that Bella became pregnant at mere age eighteen, I’m thinking to myself, “Oy… That’s the worst thing you could ‘encourage’ a teenage girl to do in a book character.” This picture made me appreciate Rowling even more 😉


And of course, the comparison between the Bella’s – Isabella Swan versus Bellatrix Lestrange. This is pretty much a win… Take a look.

The Bella's

I would prefer NOT to cross Bellatrix because hell, who knows what she will do to me?! She’s Voldemort’s right-hand woman!!! Isabella as known as Bella, I’ll piss her off any day and anytime because all she will do…is mope around. Oh yeah after she turns into a vampire then I’ll back off but these girls against each other. Please…Bellatrix is a psychotic woman who will SMASH dear pretty Bella with her so-called abilities.
Okay, so I found this photo that made me laugh because how would you be able to re-enact a scene from the Twilight Saga? This is CLASSIC and I will MARRY this person if this ever happens to me haha :] 


One final picture as I recalling reading through both books. This is my second time re-reading Potter. Busy much? Anyway, I’ve read the books once and Potter just captured my soul. Enough said…

Very guilty for this one.

Yup. You decide…Oh yeah, Potter wins. Not to mention, there is not a single Twilight challenge on Facebook which is what one of my friends is doing right now [booing sound] and I am doing this blog in tribute to Potter. I miss you guys… adfjkaldjka; Okay, I’m out for the night!

One thought on “Day 22: Harry Potter or Twilight?

  1. Hopefully my Chosen One will do the same! : )

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