Day 11: The Character You Relate To The Most

Draco Lucius Malfoy

That would be Draco Malfoy, minus the insults he inflicted upon others. He grew up lonely in his family as he was the only child of Death Eaters. I grew lonely in my family because I was the deaf child although I did have younger siblings. Draco always felt like he had to protect his mother from bad things happening to her as I do with mine. My mother went through hell with the males in her life and I felt like I had to protect my mother from the bad people until she finally met a wonderful man with my approval. She ignores my disapproval and unfortunately has to endure the attacks upon her. Draco always strived to be the best but always shadowed by someone else. Growing up, I always had the shadow of my best friend who was smarter than me, set the bar realllllly high where I couldn’t even compare to her (unfortunately, I get looked down at and receive disappointed looks if I don’t match or surpass her) or how she flew through college with close to perfect scores (3.9, if I recall correctly). Draco gives off an cold front where he doesn’t want to show his true emotions to anyone, even his Slytherin friends or followers. I am the same way…when I decide to be cold, it’s usually ice cold is how cold I can get. I have done that a couple of times throughout my life more than I would like. Draco is smart and sassy. I am smart, for certain although sometimes I don’t feel like I am. I also am sassy at times when I really want to be. [chuckles] Draco is a scapegoat. Scapegoat – a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place. I am sometimes a scapegoat, yet I am a “survivor”… A friend mentioned that, “at the 7th book, the Malfoys aren’t all preoccupied being the Death Eaters, but to be a part of their family and putting each other before themselves. You do that automatically. It’s the “syndrome” of divorced kids. My husband does the same thing.” I obviously can see where she’s coming from… This is a bit sensitive subject for me but [shrugs] it’s out in the open.



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