Day 7: Your Favorite Female Character and Why?

Bellatrix and Hermione

Bellatrix Lestrange and Hermione Granger. Opposing sides. Bad versus Good. Ack. There are a couple of females I like in the book and movie but these two stands out the most to me.

Hermione is the brains of the Trio and the boys pretty much can’t survive without her by the side even though she was petrified by the Basilisk in Chamber of Secrets for a temporary time until she was healed from it by Madame Pomfrey. Just like every other girl in the school building, she has feelings and, of course, love interest. 😉 Although she was very focused on her schoolwork and helping Harry defeat Voldemort. Her beauty stood out during the Yule Ball during the Tri-wizard tournament (Fourth book/year/movie) where everyone was surprised to see her so dressed up. Especially Harry and Ron. ;]

Bellatrix. Dear Bellatrix. How misunderstood she was by everyone. Yes, she did horrible things to the Longbottoms but you have to admit she is helluva brilliant in every way. However, I really want to pry in her life history because J.K. Rowling gave us next to nothing other than she was in the Black family, Sister to Narcissa Malfoy (Draco’s mother) and Andromera Tonks (Tonk’s mother); as well as she was Voldemort’s most loyal follower (I suspect they had something going on together?). Helena Bonham Carter did her PERFECTLY. I love that actress and was super excited when I found out she was playing Bellatrix. =]



One thought on “Day 7: Your Favorite Female Character and Why?

  1. Can we petition for new books? “A Madwoman in Azkaban: The Life and Times of Bellatrix Lestrange” and “Severus Snape and the First Wizarding War”, no?

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